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Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK 2.22.5 [المال غير محدود][مفتوحة]

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Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK 2.22.5 [المال غير محدود][مفتوحة]



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Shadow Fight 2 is a fighting game that contain RPG elements. There are dozens of martial arts moves. There are various powerful weapons and armor in the game. The thrilling journey is about to begin, and you will face many enemies, including powerful bosses. The characters in the first 6 chapters are gathered together to open the door to the shadow. In the game Shadow Fight 2, you will enjoy the smooth and realistic battle animation and unique silhouette style. You can traverse 6 different worlds, intuitive operation, specially designed for touch screen, customize your battle skills and skill tree. The final battle with Titan!

Basic Information
The famous game developer Nekki released a smooth and realistic fighting game hadow Fight 2. The game uses Japan as the regional background, which allows players to play a series of revenge actions as shadow samurai. On the road, you will encounter various kinds of masters. The interesting thing is that the game also allows the protagonist to copy the guy and greet the opponent with a stick and sword.
TShadow Fight 2 Mod (unlimited money) apk

The back story of this game is that the country has been in the war for many years. In order to calm this chaotic world, a warrior decides to stand up and defeat the shadow forces that cover the earth one by one. The unique ink-and-wash opening is full of sense of the times, allowing people to invest in such a chaotic world of a long time at a time, and the pictures in the actual game are more pleasing to the eyes, and the wind is most vividly reflected, especially the silhouette of the wind people. Impressed.

Control Review
The lack of sense of operation of the fighting works of touch screen devices has been criticized by players, but this work has not been able to break through in this respect. The left-hand joystick controls the characters to move, jump and squat, and the right-handed button layout makes people very familiar. If you say that a fighting game has no rubbing moves, it is not a real fighting game. Shadow Fighting 2 is also equipped with a detailed list of moves. Depending on the weapon held by the protagonist, the order of the buttons will change slightly. . However, the combo here is not as long as the "Street Fighter", but requires players to think about it and play a personalized trick. Regrettably, in actual combat, the interruption rate of moves is still as high as before, and it still stays in a punch-and-foot combat style. Don’t think about combos and big tricks, and occasionally burst out It's a small one with a sense of blow and a close-up of slow motion.
If you put aside the move interruption caused by the lack of operation skills, the characters’ pictures and movements are quite smooth. Most of them are very generous, but they lack some stiffness and fierceness. The dancing sword and sword are vaguely lame. Fortunately, the sound quality is so good that the blow is guaranteed.

Shadow Fight 2 Mod (unlimited money) apk

Gameplay Review
As an arcade-style fighting game, Shadow Fighting 2 has reached the standard of smooth gameplay. There are few critical parts of the fighting gameplay. The diverse equipment, magic and skill trees are not only fighting, but also for The game adds RPG development elements. But for the overall experience of the game, the editor feels that there is something that can be improved. The game is called Shadow fighting, and the protagonist is also a shadow, but it is not necessary to be a black shadow from weapons, clothes to enemies, right? Enemies with the same weapon, left, right, up and down jumped up. They really “knocked together” from the inside out. As a player with moderate hand disabilities and mild eye disabilities, I hope to be able to use them in future patches See improvements in this area.

Shadow Fight 2 Mod (unlimited money) apk

Shadow Fight 2 Mod
In the game Shadow Fight 2, you will get coins reward when you defeat a oppenent. You can use these coins to do a lot thing in the game. You can free to buy all kinds of weapons such as sword, knife and stick. You also can buy all kinds of armor to make you live longer. But it is no easy to earn a lot of money in this game. You can have a try for the mod game Shadow Fight 2 Mod on this site. This mod will bring unlimited coins for for you. Then you can free to buy anything on the shop. Then, this game will become a bit easier for you.

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Shadow Fight 2 عبارة عن مزيج رائع من ألعاب تقمص الأدوار والقتال الكلاسيكي. تتيح لك هذه اللعبة تجهيز شخصيتك بأسلحة فتاكة لا حصر لها ومجموعات دروع نادرة ، وتتميز بالعشرات من تقنيات فنون القتال الواقعية! سحق أعدائك ، وإذلال زعماء الشياطين ، وكن الشخص الذي يغلق بوابة الظلال. هل لديك ما يلزم للركل واللكم والقفز والشق طريقك نحو النصر؟ هناك طريقة واحدة فقط لمعرفة ذلك.

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- أدخل "العالم السفلي" وحارب مع الأصدقاء ضد الرؤساء المخيفين!

- رحلة عبر ستة عوالم مختلفة مليئة بتهديد الشياطين في هذا العمل-
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- قم بتخصيص مقاتلك بالسيوف الملحمية ، nunchacku ، بدلات الدروع ، القوى السحرية ،
و اكثر.

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